What The Heck Are Male Kegels & Why You Need to Do Them

Male Kegels are pretty much the same as female ones. So, I guess the real question here is; what the heck are Kegels? They are a muscle exercise that you do with your pelvic floor, also known as your…special area.

First you need to locate your Kegel muscles and you can do this during urination (gross, I know). About halfway through taking a whiz, try and stop the flow. The muscles you find yourself using are the ones you need to be focusing on for Kegels exercises.

Now that you know where and what muscles to use, you can do this anytime. While sitting, standing, walking, etc. Just clench those muscles for a slow 5 seconds and then release for another slow 5 seconds and repeat that process 10 times. Now you know how to do Kegel exercises.

So why do you need to do them? As us gentlemen get older, we lose control over things like our bladders and…um…actions of intimate encounters. Full disclosure? Doing regular Kelgel exercises will vastly improve the outcome of said encounters as well as prolong the ability to keep them going. (see what I did there? Totally PG)

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