The Many Benefits of Running. Well, 9 of Them


What’s the first thing you think of doing when you want to get in shape? Go to the gym, right? Wrong! Forget the gym and those crazy fees that never pay for themselves. You’re a dad now, you’ve got better things to do with your time than spend 1-3 hours every day at the gym.

Let me tell you a little secret. It’s called running. Seriously. It’s free, easy, you can do it alone or with your kids, and best of all…it has so many bonuses. Check it out, see for yourself the many wondrous benefits of running and/or jogging can do for you (heck, even walking).

1)      Mental Health

Getting out for a good run can help clear your mind and give you a dose of mental clarity. Great for those times when you’re trying to make a tough decision or need to fight through a creative mental block.


2)      Increases Lung Capacity

This is kind of a no-brainer. The more you run, the more your lungs will thank you. This is sure to come in handy during the zombie apocalypse.


3)      Helps with High Blood Pressure

This kind of goes without saying. Any exercise will help lower blood pressure. But running, jogging, or walking seems to have one of the best affects of all.


4)      Better Immune System

Go for a quick run each day and build up that immune system so your partner can’t complain about your man cold this Winter.


5)      Weight Control

Running, jogging, even walking is the best form of cardio anyone can do. Seriously. And cardio is one of the best ways to tackle weight gain and keep it under control. So, if you’re not building muscles, at least keep the weight off and stay healthy.


6)      Beef Up Your Legs

Guys, dads, we all fight to muscle up our legs. It’s hard. I know. It’s just easier to lift some weights and focus on those guns. But running each day can seriously beef up your legs. Keep that in mind.


7)      Relieves Stress

Sure, there’s other ways to do this. An ice cold beer, a roll in the hay, a good couch nap, etc. But running, even just a quick jog for ten minutes a day, can help reduce stress and keep it at bay. Nothing bothers me when I’m running along the ocean just outside my house.


8)      Improves Bone Density

This area kind of gets ignored. As we age, our bones deteriorate. Majorly. Keep them in check with daily runs, long walks, hiking, etc. It improves bone density like you wouldn’t believe.


9)      Boosts Confidence

When we run, our mood improves, our health improves, even our posture is better. We’re stronger, faster, and can play with the kids longer. All of these things contribute to boosting your confidence. Think about it.


There you have it, boys. I’m sure there’s more, but these 9 benefits of running sure convinced me. And you don’t have to be a marathon runner, either. Even a nice, brisk walk each morning can seriously make a difference in your life. Feel free to comment and share your own ideas and benefits of running! We love to hear about that stuff.


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