Does Tech Make Parenting Easier or Harder?

Yeah, I’m going there. I’m asking this controversial question. But I’m not here to debate. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, and every parent is different. There are studies that show technology giving our children a false sense of instant gratification or it just plain turns them into zombies. But I’m pretty sure the same thing Read more about Does Tech Make Parenting Easier or Harder?[…]

How to Deal with Kindergartener Fibs

        Everyone who has a kindergartener has or will experience the wonder of fibbing. It’s common, it’s normal, and is a crucial step in your kid’s development. First and foremost, don’t over react. It’s normal for you to feel upset, we’re human. But don’t go all Homer Simpson on them, either. I Read more about How to Deal with Kindergartener Fibs[…]

Words of Wisdom: Dad Tips

  Whether you’re an expectant dad or a veteran, you’ll feel me when I say, “we have no idea what we’re doing.” That wide-eyed, panicked look and that unsettling pit in your stomach? Yeah, it never really goes away. But we can learn to co-exist with it. I’m a proud father of two freakin’ amazing Read more about Words of Wisdom: Dad Tips[…]