Liquid Gold: How to Serve Whiskey


Whiskey is such a classy drink. It’s well known as the drink of choice in old fashioned movies or crime thrillers. Now, it’s not for everyone and definitely has an acquired taste. But once you develop a pallet for the smooth, golden juices you can find creative ways of how to drink whiskey. Here’s a few to get you started.

1) Whiskey Old Fashioned

whiskey 2

If you’re just starting out on your whiskey journey, an Old Fashioned is a good place to begin. It’s smooth and full of flavour, making it a smooth beverage. All you need is a spoonful of sugar, a dash of bitters, and a splash of water. Then add your ice and a shot of whiskey. Garnish with a twist!

2) Whiskey Neat

whiskey 3

Directions: pour whiskey in glass. Drink.

3) Whiskey with Water

whiskey 4

It may sound gross, but whiskey is one of the only liquors that comes with the recommendation to water down. It’s quite strong and has a unique taste so mixing with water is a great way to even it out.

4) Whiskey On the Rocks

whiskey 1

So, tying back to the previously mentioned comment about water improving the taste of whiskey, ‘On the Rocks” is a good way to slowly dilute it. As the cubes melt, your drink become smoother.

5) Whiskey Cocktails

There’s very few things that mix well with whiskey. It’s such a stubborn drink. But there are a small number of cocktails out there that work like a Manhattan, Rob Roy, Whiskey Sour, and a Whiskey Paralyzer.

Comment and share your Whiskey recipes, we love that stuff. And for more tips on how to be a bad ass, smooth Daddy check out some of our style tips.

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