Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Dad and Kids

Halloween is fast approaching. Do you have your costume? If not, then you should get cracking! The most fun part about being a Dad on Halloween is that you can dress up with your kids and everyone thinks you’re super cool. Well, your kid thinks so, anyway. And that’s really all that matters, isn’t it? So, if you’re stumped, here are some awesome last minute Halloween costume ideas for dad and kids that you can pull off just days before the big night.

Construction Workers

All you need are some old blue jeans, plaid shirts, tool belts, and hard hats. Then you and your kids can set out trick-or-treating with matching costumes that look great but were most likely thrown together that day. Either way, you’re getting candy!

Finding Nemo

This would probably be for the smaller guys, the ones who still love Nemo and other cute Disney movies. If that’s your kid in a nutshell, then a matching Finding Nemo Dad and son or daughter costume would get you double the candy from the moms who answer the door, for sure. Click HERE for a great no-sew instruct able to make it yourself!

Hunter & Animal

Some dads are hunters, some aren’t. Regardless if that’s you or not, a father-kid costume set of a hunter and an animal would be pretty funny. Even better would be if your kid dresses up as the hunter.

Rock Stars

Admit it, you dreamed of one day being a rock star when you were young. Well, you can at least be a rock star dad and dress up like 80’s hair musicians with your kids. In terms of dad costumes, this one rocks. (see what I did there?)

Super Heroes

Yep, this is probably the go-to costume for most kids these days. So it’s definitely a great idea as Halloween costumes for Dad and the kids. And why not join in on the fun and be a super hero for one night? All you have to do is a pick a side; DC or Marvel?

I hope these ideas helped you out. Last minute costumes are the worst, but they don’t have to be. Especially with the lickity split shipping with online shopping. You could get any of these faster than if you planned a day out shopping.
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