How to Shake Hands Like a Man





Admit it, none of us really know how to properly hand shake. It’s probably one of the most awkward social encounters you’ll ever have to do. You hold out your hand, they don’t take it, or they take it a second too late and you’ve already pulled away, but then you scramble to shake it anyways.

Oh, and there’s nothing worse than the limp loosey-goosey hand shake that we’ve all come to know and hate. It’s so weird. Why even do it at all?

As a man, and an adult, you should most definitely know how to shake hands. Better yet, how to do a manly hand shake, too. So take a look at this nifty how to hand shake infographic and study up. Practice. Master your firm, authoritative and manly hand shake. Hmmm how many more times can I fit the words ’hand’ and ‘shake’ in this article?

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