How to Grow a Dadstache for Movember




Okay, boys! Time to man up and start growing that facial hair, the Dadstache, the source of power that separates us from the ladies and provides us with our all-knowing, ever flowing wisdom.

Well, for the month of November, at least.

For those of you who don’t know, No-Shave November (or Movember) is a movement where men attempt to avoid shaving to raise money for prostate cancer. It’s a cool fundraising idea and fun to do, especially if you can grow an astonishing mustache and/or beard in 30 days. You can sign up for Movember here to track your funds raised or just do it yourself and donate the money.

But for those dads out there who are looking to grow and cultivate an awesome face of hair, here are some simple tips to help you on your way.



By the Beard of Zeus!

Ron Burgundy knows. To grow an impressive mustache, you must have dedication and willingness to stick with it. But you also need the patience to trim it every day. Yes, keep your stache nice and trim and it will grow faster and fuller.




For some reason, the hair that grows from your face is super coarse and dry. It’s not like the silky locks that flow from your head. But you can keep it conditioned and healthy with a special beard cream. It works for both beards and mustaches, giving you a sleek and polished look. And it even helps it grow faster.



Keep it Clean

Yeah, growing facial hair means that you now have a bush surrounding your face hole. This means food and other nasty bits take residence on your face and it’s easy to let it get out of hand. Make sure to wash your beard and mustache just like you would the hair on your head. Whoever is kissing your face will thank you for it.

There you go! So, three simple things to remember: Keep it trim, condition, and keep it clean. Ta da! You’re now on your way to a manly face of hair. Share your impressive movember pictures and comment below!

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