Does Tech Make Parenting Easier or Harder?

Yeah, I’m going there.

I’m asking this controversial question. But I’m not here to debate. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, and every parent is different. There are studies that show technology giving our children a false sense of instant gratification or it just plain turns them into zombies. But I’m pretty sure the same thing was said about the very first television, sooo….
I only speak from my own experiences and these are my findings.
Yes, technology definitely makes parenting easier. FOR ME.
And here’s a list of things that explain how and why I think so.

1) Digital Books

 While my family prefers the good old fashioned paper books, sometimes my kids want something new and fresh for me to read at bedtime. Having the ability to peruse an endless library and have a new book within seconds is awesome. Don’t you think so? Technology is an amazing thing, it puts knowledge right in your hands and I’ll never discourage my kids from reading digital books.

2) Quick Recipes

Okay, let me paint you a picture. It’s Saturday. You’ve spent most of the day outside playing and running around with the kids. It starts to get late and you didn’t even give a thought as to what you’d make for supper. You’re at a loss and suddenly everyone’s dying from starvation. What do you do? Pull out your phone or smart device and look up a quick and easy Dad Recipe. Something super fast that you can throw together and will still taste great. Before smart devices, it would have been KD for the lot!

3) Access to a World of Parents

I don’t know about you, but with our first kid we were LOST. Most of the advice and help our own parents could lend was a bit…outdated. But having access to a world full of other parents, new and old, really helped. Just with small things like reassuring I had applied the Penaten Cream correctly, or different remedies to sooth a teething baby.
I don’t know what our parents or grandparents before us did with out this network of accessible support. With that being said, not all parenting tips online are helpful. You have to take them with a grain of salt and trust your own judgement for sure. If you’re ever unsure, call your doctor.

4) Travelling

Yikes. What a nightmare. For some reason, we thought that driving across the country with a four-year-old and a one-year-old would be fun. Boy, were we wrong. What should have been a 5-day trip ended up being a 14 day one and I sure wish I had brought an iPad or smart device for them to watch movies on. It would have made the trip a lot…smoother, to say the least.
But even for short distances, allowing your kids the luxury of playing a fun game or watching a movie is even better for the parent because it causes fewer distractions while driving. Everyone arrives at their destination happy and calm. Especially Dad.

5) One On One Time

Yes, it’s fun to take the kids outside and jump on the trampoline for a few hours. We go for hikes, walks, beach trips, road trips, etc. But sometimes it’s nice to stay inside for a change. I don’t feel that there’s anything wrong with my kids enjoying a fun (Dad approved) video game, or snuggling up to watch a movie.
As long as there’s balance. My kids play outside all the time. We’re constantly on the go. So when I see them playing together to beat a Super Mario Level, I’m okay with that. Plus, my oldest and I bond over that little bit of one-on-one time together while we build an epic fort in Minecraft.
So there you have it. Parenting is tough enough as it is. Allow yourself to use the help of technology. Don’t feel bad about it, it’s the world we live in and definitely the future they’ll live in. Just make sure there’s balance and your kids are happy. That’s really all that matters.
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