Dads with Daughters: 4 Skills You Should Have



Little girls are terrifying. Seriously. It’s unchartered territory for a new dad, and the tips for raising boys do not apply to girls. Not my little girl, anyway. I’m learning as I go and have accumulated some tips of my own, sort of like some weird manual. (note: this manual does not apply to teenage girls. I’m told that’s whole new exam that I don’t want to take).

But whether you’re a new dad, a single dad, or you have a tons of boys and now, suddenly, you’re expecting a daughter, these four things are something you should learn. ASAP.




My little guy loves to dance around to music like a crazy monkey, and that’s cool. That’s fun. I can relate to that. But little girls loved to be picked up and swooshed around and dance like a princess. This doesn’t mean you have to be a waltzing wonder, you just need to learn a few basic steps and be prepared to dance around the kitchen until your feet hurt.



Tea Time

You don’t have to actually learn to make tea. No, for this, you mostly have to learn patience. The patience it takes to sit on a tiny chair while your little girl prepares a million cups of tea with a side of green peas and plastic eggs. Oh, and study up on conversation topics to have with a stuffed elephant and kitty cat.



Hair Do

This one actually takes some skills. Guys, don’t always leave the hair do up to Mom. And if you’re a single dad, this skill is definitely high on the list of priorities. Learn a basic braid, pony tail, and pig tails. That’s it. Here’s some YouTube little girl hair style videos to study up on.



Paint Nails


This lesson can be fun as you learn to paint the teeny tiny toe nails at the tips of her chubby toes. But be prepared to also have your toes painted because monkey see, monkey do and if Dad can do it, SO CAN SHE!

And that brings me to the end of what I’ve learned about girls thus far. It’s not much, but it gets me through the day. If these ideas helped you out, or if you have any of your own successful tips to ad, feel free to comment and share below!

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1 thought on “Dads with Daughters: 4 Skills You Should Have

  • I never did get the hang of braids, poor girl, she some how lived through it. I did get my toes painted, thank God not the finger nails.

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