Pop’s Macho Nachos

          I’m about to blow your mind here with this awesome nachos recipe. It’s delicious, mouth watering, easy to make, and…meat free. Yes, meatless nachos that are actually good. But don’t fret, although I’m going to show you how to make nachos without meat, it’s a recipe that’s still packed with Read more about Pop’s Macho Nachos[…]

Dad’s Beer Butt Chicken

. Yes, this IS a family friendly recipe. I swear. Okay, it involves alcohol and the rear end of a dead bird, but I assure you it’s Mom and Dad approved. During the cooking process, any alcohol in the teeny bit of beer used will evaporate, leaving behind delicious moisture to cook the clucker. This Read more about Dad’s Beer Butt Chicken[…]

Dad’s Slow Cooked Pork Ribs with Cola

. Cola ribs!Sounds gross, right? Wrong! It’s the best way to make sweet, salty, tender slow cooked pork ribs and you’ll never make them another way again. It’s super easy. All you do is toss all the ingredients in a roasting pan, cover it with cola, and slow cook in the oven for a few Read more about Dad’s Slow Cooked Pork Ribs with Cola[…]

DadStuff’s Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

. Okay guys, don’t shy away. Seriously. Yes, it’s manly to smoke a rack of ribs on the back patio or throw a pizza in the oven. But you have not lived until you’ve eaten these homemade oatmeal cookies. I was bored one afternoon while my wife was working, the kids wanted cookies (as did Read more about DadStuff’s Oatmeal Cookie Recipe[…]

Chef Dad: Mashed Potato Soup!

  Admit it, it’s happened before. Your wife asks you to make supper for the kids and you’re at a loss. You end up tossing together some KD with hot dogs and call it a day. Not all dads are as fruitful in the kitchen as most moms are and it can be overwhelming when Read more about Chef Dad: Mashed Potato Soup![…]

Dad’s 10 Minute Pizza Dough: No Yeast!

Don’t you want to be that dad who’s known for that one, awesome recipe? The meal that you make every Friday night and the kids light up at the mention of it? You may not be the world’s best chef, but you should be able to hold the title for one awesome Dad Recipe. Let Read more about Dad’s 10 Minute Pizza Dough: No Yeast![…]