7 Super Simple Fashion Rules for Dressing Like a Dad



Whether you’re a new dad or a seasoned veteran, all fathers have a hard time staying style and keeping up with the trends. Well, here’s a little tip for you: forget being trendy, just make sure to wear pants. Just kidding! (sort of) But in all seriousness, us dads have to learn to let go of our preconceived ideas of what’s supposed to be in style, while also not losing touch with things like a good shower and a clean pair of underwear. We have less time for ourselves now that we have a whole other human being to be concerned with, but we can still look good with very little effort. Trust me.

1) Keep It Simple

Father and son at beach smiling

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean be flat out boring. It just means that us dads have to think about simplifying our wardrobe. When it comes to men’s clothing, get rid of flashy colors and opt for more tonal hues of gray, navy, olive, tan, and white. Prints such as plaid, pinstripe, and checks are good to go. These colors and prints go with everything and definitely add some swagger. So you can easily grab an outfit, throw it on, and look dang good.

2) Non-Sponsored Dad

Father and child reading book in sofa
Nothing says you’re trying desperately to hold on to your youth like a t-shirt that’s 80% covered in a popular brand name. Chuck the giant branding print and class up your look with smaller logos in the top corner. Not only will you look more sophisticated, you won’t appear as if you’re trying too hard.

3) Dadcessories


You don’t need $200 sunglasses to look like a cool dad. What you do need are accessories that will stand up to the wrath of your children and still make you look hella good. Try and have one good pair of sunglasses like Ray Bans or Aviators, a nice watch, one neutral pair of shoes, a pair of non-running sneakers, a manly non-wedding ring, and a swaggy dad hat that goes with jeans as well as dress pants. The ascot is my Dad Hat of choice. Remember your part of the dad club now, kick it up a notch.

4) All in the Jacket

handsome middle aged man

Every father (actually, every guy. Period) needs that one, good quality jacket that makes him look sophisticated without even trying. It could be leather, wool, tweed…whatever floats your boat. Just commit and make it look good.

5) Know Your Size


There’s a pretty good chance that the size you were in high school is not the same size you are today. Admit it, accept it, and move on. Who cares what size you wear, as long as the clothing fits you properly? Trust me, a too-tight tee does not look as good as a comfortable button up shirt.

6) Find an Icon

Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson

Most dads have no idea how to make the transition from a young, single guy wardrobe to the sophisticated dad one. But that’s okay. Just scour the web for some celebrity dads that you kind of admire and take a lesson from their style.

7) Grooming is Key

Shaving accessories on a luxury

None of this matters if you don’t have well-groomed pallet to work with. It only takes a few extra minutes before a shower to quickly trim up your face and other…areas. Clean under your nails and keep both the fingers and toes clipped. Also, unless you’re one of those long-haired sorts (which is totally cool), keep your hair slick and tailored; no back neck hair, please.

And there you have it, gentlemen! If you tried any of these tips let us know if they worked out! Comment and share your own Dad Style Tips, we love to see how you’re creating your own style!

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