7 Foods to Boost Your Mood That Are Actually Delicious

Okay, it doesn’t take a genius to know that certain foods can help improve your emotional well being. But some people take it too far and “eat their feelings”. This article isn’t about that; we’re just talking about foods to boost your mood when you need a little pick me up. This is meant to be a quick list of freakin’ delicious foods that you probably already love, but just don’t know how beneficial they are. So next time you’re offered some chocolate, say YES! I’m curious to see the affects if you were to combine all 7 of these delectable items…
1. Damn Right, Dark Chocolate
Do you really need a good reason to eat chocolate? Probably not, but I’ll add it to the list anyways. Now, this doesn’t mean you should run out and grab the biggest, baddest, chocolate covered candy apple or anything. I’m just saying that a few pieces of dark chocolate can go a long way. Aim for 60% or higher cocoa content to really reap those flavonol benefits.

2. Eggs in All Its Forms

Okay, just pull up any diet plan (I mean, a GOOD diet plan, not some starve-to-death-juicing diet). You’ll see a common denominator throughout most of them. Eggs. They’re fantabulous and delicious. I could eat them everyday. And now I don’t have to feel bad about it. They’re full of those “good fats” everyone talks about, plus fatty acids which produce serotonin.

3. Almonds
One of the major things you need to fight depression is magnesium, or so The Great and Powerful Google tells me, anyways. So what’s high in magnesium? Almonds! And who doesn’t love almonds? You can munch on them just as they are or toss them into recipes like Asian stir fries and cookies.
4. Lentils?
Okay, before you skip over this one, lentils can actually be pretty tasty if used properly. I throw them in tons of recipes and hardly notice them. You can also toss with spices and bake in the oven for some healthy and addicting snack foods. So what’s so great about lentils, you ask? A single cup can give you over 80% of you daily intake of folic acid. Wowza.
5. Pumpkin Seeds
Another factor in helping fight things like depression is Zinc. But it also just one of those foods that help mood, even as a little pick me up. But what’s super high in Zinc? Pumpkin seeds. They’re chock full of it. So this Halloween, save those seeds when carving out that pumpkin with the kids.
6. Oh So Good Oatmeal
Wipe that look off your face. Oatmeal is damn good, and good for you! Also, it’s stuffed with magnesium and that’s an essential ingredient to stabilize blood sugar levels. And to fully grasp the importance of that, think about how moody and “hangry” you get when you’re hungry. That’s due to low blood sugar levels. If you’re not a fan of oatmeal, try adding some other delicious morsels like almonds and dark chocolate. Take it one step further and add some flour, sugar, eggs, and bake for 8 minutes n 350. Wait…those are cookies.
7. Natural Honey
Okay, if you don’t like honey then get outta here. Honey is awesome and improves the taste of so many things. Oatmeal (wink wink), tea, toast, more honey, etc. And guess what? It really helps improve your mood, probably because it’s so delicious, but also because it has actual stuff to help.
And that’s a wrap! If you don’t like any of these delicious foods, then you have other issue besides boosting your mood. But if any of these helped you to feel better, increase energy, and all that other fun stuff, feel free to comment and share! Also, if you create and cool recipes using these ingredients, send them in to the Dadstuff site!
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