3 of the Best DIY Giant Backyard Jenga Block Projects

Cutting LumberAre you a Handy Dad? Are you good with tools? Do you like to spend time in the backyard? If your answer is ‘no’ to any or all of those questions, then you still need to read this article because this is a darn cool project and I worked hard to write it for you.
You don’t need to be Tim the Tool Man to make these giant Jenga blocks, and they don’t have to be a backyard toy for the kids, either (although, they do love them). These also make a great game to pull out when you have friends or family over. And guess what? It costs next to nothing. Fun AND cheap? Yes, please!
1) Easy Peasy


DIY really doesn’t get any easier than this, guys. And for $8, you really can’t go wrong. Try and find an awesome backyard toy that the whole family can play for less than ten bucks, I dare you. A few lengths of lumber, a saw, some sandpaper, and a bit (maybe more than a bit) of patience and you’ve got yourself one giant Jenga block game.

2) Color Coded

jenga 2

I liked this colored Jenga block version of the DIY project because it yields bigger blocks. Plus, the fun colors amp the game up a notch by making it harder to get certain colors. Genius. This one may cost a tad bit more (still really cheap, though) because of the larger lumber, but totally worth it.

3) OCD Optional

So, the only downfall about having this cumbersome backyard toy is that it takes up so much room. And where the heck do you store it when it’s not in use? Well, this nifty tutorial literally gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build the giant Jenga blocks, but also how to create a pretty awesome storage unit that your wife will surely approve of. All you need is a paperclip and an elastic band. Just kidding.

And there you have it. These three options for doing your own DIY giant Jenga block project are the bees knees, in my opinion. If you like it simple, colorful, or decked out with a cool storage unit, I’ve got you covered.
Feel free to comment and share your own ideas or if you’ve tried any of these! And for more awesome Handy Dad projects and ideas delivered right to your inbox, just sign up for our free newsletter!

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